About Christine

Welcome! After quite a few years being in reverse gear, I'm back on track and excited to share my story. Thank you for your time.

I'm just like everyone else, trying to find a way in life. A job I can be happy with, with enough time and flexibility to relax around the hard work I always put in, without the stress of insecurity or unrealistic expectations.

I put 110% of myself into everything I do, and I know I've finally found a way to move forward. For a long time, I've been on edge, between jobs, homeless, taken for a ride without any real potential.

But now I've found it, I threw out my hopes and dreams to the universe, focused on positivity, and I've found it, my online business. It takes hard work, perseverance and time to learn new skills, but its right here, in my hands, and I have all the control.

This is my story.

Just like most, is dysfunctional family, but amazing. With three sisters, two brothers and a mother, I've grown up inspired to take control of my own life, and love spending time with them.
Sadly, I lost two members of my own little family two beautiful German Shepherds. Tiber passed at 13 and Tosca at 12, too soon and too young, but never lost from my heart.

I was born in Dublin, Ireland and currently I live in Edinburgh, Scotland, UK.

I want to help others. I want to help them see their potential and the opportunities to change their life. I want to inspire financial independence without the stress and with all of the freedom.

My Corporate Journey

Up until 16 years ago, I'd worked in management between 4 different banks in the UK. Luckily, the skills I'd learned of working hard, and managing people were transferrable, so I moved away from finance. The money was great, but working 60-70 hour weeks in a heavily political atmosphere, with constant business travel, isn't healthy for anyone. On the up side, I had the money to take some of my family members away for trips to Europe and the States. I had a beautiful Italian car and designer clothes.. But the stress was simply too much. Upper management kept us on edge about our position in the company, goalposts were always changing. I'd have takeaways at home for dinner most nights, with wine to switch off.

I would be feeling so run down, needing sleep and all because I was so stressed. I didn’t have much time with my beautiful dogs. What a crap life. The house I lived in then was in a great area and had amazing views of Edinburgh Castle, comfortable for entertaining the family, comfortable for me. But it wasn't worth all the stress. So when I just couldn’t handle the pressure I called it, I resigned and never felt more relieved. I didn't need the pressure, not like that! No one does.


During this endeavour, six months down the track, I was forced to pick up a second job, faced with the reality that the business would take time to build. Then my mentor moved to Spain and I had to look for someone else to work with. I found another business partner and we worked together. I held presentations, travelled, searched for people who really wanted to change their lives. Someone as passionate and hard working as me and y business partner was. But after many promises, I never found the right people. No one wanted to change their life as badly as we did.

After 5 years, and receiving awards for achieving certain levels in the business I felt empty as it really meant very little to me. So with a heavy heart, I moved on from that business. I wish I could say I never looked back, but it helped me to change the way I thought.


I started back in another 60-70 hour a week job. I was self-employed. I was recruiting people for training courses in trade skills e.g, plumbers and electricians. It was very long hours and I lost weight, struggled to sleep, grew sick. It wasn't right at all. Above it all, I missed being able to laugh. I was so stressed, always working, missing my family and my dogs. I never had a chance to just relax and have a good laugh. It was killing me. So once again, I was forced to leave and restarted my search.


After over 200 job applications, increasing debts, the forced sale of my house and the loss of my beautiful dogs, I was homeless and jobless. But I'd never felt better. I had my health and my family. I moved back in at home and paid off my debts. I still had a chance. We always do don’t we? I changed my outlook. I focused on feeling inspired and motivated. I started to listen to motivational speakers. I avoided the news, didn’t buy newspapers and I looked ahead.

Although my first business failed it gave me a whole new insight as what I wanted to do with my life and that was never going back to the corporate world and having a boss! I looked online and I followed Stuart who introduced me to the world of affiliate marketing and I began my marketing education with the SFM. I was nervous as I knew I would need a lot of support and Stuart advised me that the support was there at any level that I required.

I also have two amazing mentors and all the support I will ever need.

I’m glad to say I’m back on the radar!


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